Volos Development Company (ANEVO S.A.) is a new development agency established by the integrated Municipality of Volos, after the re-organization of local authorities in Greece. 

As from January 2011, ANEVO S.A. is actually the successor of DEMEKAV (Volos Municipal Enterprise for Urban Studies, Construction & Development), which for more than 15 years had a key role in urban development and planning issues of the city of Volos and the region. 

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EDUCEN: European Disasters in Urban centres
a Culture Expert Network (3C – Cities, Cultures, Catastrophes)
The overarching aim of EDUCEN is to build on existing European networks and with them identify actions to build and support culture and cultural diversity.

Category: Urban Enviroment

Local Employment Pacts
The aim of the Local Employment Pacts is to ensure the creation of jobs for the unemployed, with the activation and mobilization of local actors. The program includes activities such as training and education, development of business plan, specialized evaluation services and research for new business creation, support for legal and tax issues.

Category: Local Development

Local actions for the social inclusion of vulnerable groups
The central objective of the program is to prevent and tackle social exclusion of vulnerable social groups, which are particularly affected by the economic crisis through the integration and reintegration into the labor market. Specifically, through the program, unemployed beneficiaries will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them have increase employment opportunities in the local labor market.

Category: Local Development

European Mobility Week 2014 -
European Mobility Week 2014 aims to re-evaluate the way we view urban space. Throughout the week, the relationship between land use and quality of life will be examined.....»
3rd EINS summer school: From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens
From Smart Cities to Engaged Citizens: Windows for Collaboration between Computer Science and Urban Planning....»
Official meeting for the presentation of the database for “Volos Property”
On Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 13:30, in the Municipal Council hall will take place the presentation of the database for “Volos Property” produced by the ANEVO to Municipality officials. ....»